Walson Bluez AS330 Headphone


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The Bluez AS330 headset from AfterShokz offers superior performance by introducing bone conduction headphones combined  with Bluetooth technology making this great for anyone who loves listing to music or those with a busy lifestyle.  Open Fit Design In what AfterShokz have coined as their ‘Open Fit’ design you can wear this unique headset without impeding your  awareness of the environment around you. Unlike conventional headphones that cover the ear the ‘Bluez’ headset is worn  so as the headphones sit comfortably on the top of your cheekbone, directly in front of the ear and as it uses bone  conduction technology you can hear any audio clearly without it blocking out the sound of traffic, congestions or  other hazards so it won’t put you at risk of an accident while navigating the daily chaos of the streets we so  commonly frequent.  Hands Free Communications By adding a microphone to the Bluez headset AfterShokz ensures you are free to communicate via your phone while  keeping your hands free so you can use this headset on the go and keep connected with your family, friends and  colleagues without breaking your stride. You can listen to music and chat for longer as Bluez has an exceptional 6  hour battery life which should be more than enough for all your calls and listening needs. Being fully compatibility  with iPad, Smartphones, MP3 player and other bluetooth products the AfterShokz Bluez lets you run all your devices  with it for an easier and hassle free life.  At a Glance… – Great Compatibility – Playback Time: Up to 6 Hours – Hands Free Communication – Stunning Clear Sound – Open Fit Design

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