Flickering LED Tea light Candles (Flame-less 5/Set)


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SET A MOOD, NOT A FIRE What is more romantic – sexier – than filling up a room with candles? Yet a roomful of candles is a fire risk. These Flameless LED Clear Flickering Tealight Candles are the solution – no fire, no smoke and no carbon emissions. Set them up for the night of your life, worry-free. They white bases are standard-size for any votive or tealight holder. Or put them out by themselves. The light is frosted, white and flickering. Great for other settings like meditative baths, parties, restaurants, holidays – anytime and anywhere you want to create that special, soulful feeling. LEDs use a tiny amount of energy and are rated for thousands of use hours. These Flickering Tea Candles will likely last you a lifetime – at a price far lower than replacing traditional candles. Create that special night you’ve been dreaming of. Order your Flameless Create that special night you’ve been dreaming of.



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