Pocket Size Portable Back Scratcher Pen Clip


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Body Massager Pocket Size Portable Telescopic Extendable Extending Back Scratcher Pen Clip

  • It is so easy to carry around as it weighs less than 30g and it also has a pen style pocket clip.
  • This is a must for anyone who wants to scratch those hard to reach areas so far more convenient that the single rod version.
  • Just the thing for those itches in `hard to get at` places!
  • Ideal for people with restricted limb movement, those recently out of hospital or indeed anyone who just likes a good old scratch. And excellent for reaching items that have ended up in awkward places
  • Sturdy and extendible back scratcher- scratches the unreachable itch
  • Five pronged rake – Great for reaching those hard to reach places!
  • Size – 175 x 31 x 12 (mm) when closed when open measures 560mm long.
  • Telescopic from approx. 17.5cm to 56cm
  • Package included:1 X Back Scratcher


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