Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote Control


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Introduction It is portable enough to carry in any bag or coat pocket and pretty simple to use,fully adjustable to the desired angle, length, you don’t even need an instruction manual. Attach it to the tripod mount, put the smartphone camera on self-timer,extend and smile away! It is idea for travel,video diaries,camping,concerts,aerial photos,sports. It can`t be perfect without this mono-pod. You can choose this as a great gift. If you like taking pictures it will change your life! Specification * Cameras interface : Universal 1/4 screw * Suitable for: Traveling, Video diaries, Video blogging, Hiking / camping, Weddings, Parties, The beach, Concerts, Aerial Photos, Sports events. * Max Camera Weight: 500 g * Size of product: 7 segments. * Extends to 110 cm * Closes to 22.9 cm * Fits easily in pocket * NEW variable length positioning * NEW support for heavier cameras * Net weight: 140g (5 oz ) * Unit package weight: 160g Package Included: 1x Monopod 1x Phone Clip 1x Bluetooth Remote Shutter with battery



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